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Outdoor Living Spaces

Bring together elements of landscape design to create functional, usable, outdoor living spaces with Lawns & Gardens Landscaping in Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, Wyckoff, and Saddle River, NJ.

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Lighting, Patio, Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace

A fantastic lawn isn’t just something you show off to the neighbors or look at from your deck or front porch. Lawns are living spaces for homeowners and their families to enjoy. We pride ourselves on our commitment to comprehensive lawn care.

Without lighting, your lawn is just half a lawn, visible during the day but unsafe and invisible during the night. Turn your landscape into a space you can enjoy 24/7 with a custom lighting solution from Lawns & Gardens Landscaping. We offer energy-efficient and solar-power lighting so that you can light your home without straining your budget.

Did you have a patio in your backyard growing up? Do you remember it as a play space for kids as well as a gathering place for adults? Give your lawn the sturdy patio space it needs using any one of many high-quality stone materials from Lawns & Gardens Landscaping.

An outdoor kitchen or fireplace, integrated with your patio or deck, lets you take the comforts of home into the outdoors. If you have a firepit but are ready to take outdoor entertainment to the next level, contact us. We apply our knowledge of landscape design, stone masonry, and electrical work to create a sleek space that integrates organically into the rest of your lawn.

Avoid the hassle of a DIY project or a tacked-on feature and let Lawns & Gardens Landscaping create an outdoor custom landscape design with stairs, lighting, and more. Start your next project today with a phone call to Lawns & Gardens Landscaping at (201) 522-8414. We know outdoor living spaces in Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, Wyckoff, and Saddle River, NJ, better than anyone.